3 cashback for 175% all October

29 September 2020 г.

Welcome to a real oriental fairy tale where your money comes back to you. "Wonders!" - everyone will say. "Real miracles" - we will answer.
We will create fabulous conditions for our players at the Superomatic casino's internal tournament.
What the winner gets:

  • 1st place - 100% cashback.
  • 2nd place - 50% cashback.
  • 3rd place - 25% cashback.

Conditions: make a deposit and you will become a participant in the tournament.
Rules: for every 1000 (RUB) / 370 (UAH) 1 point is awarded (maximum you can get 5 points). The more points you score, the higher your chances of winning!You can also make deposits in installments of 500 (RUB) / 185 (UAH), but for a deposit less than 500 (RUB) / 185 (UAH) points are not awarded! 
We will publish the results every week in the standings. We will choose the winner at random.
And if cashbacks are not enough for you, then go to our telegram - there we also fulfill wishes and carry out cool promotions.
Tournament dates: 10/01/20 7:00 (Moscow time) - 10/31/20 21:00 (Moscow time).
Prize drawing: 11/02/20 at 20:00 (Moscow time).

Feel like Aladdin and make your dreams come true - and there are already concubines, harem, belly dancing, and the title of sheikh, and whatever you want! Participate!


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